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Unmasking the Shadows: An Exclusive Interview with Deceiving the Spectre

From the eerie depths of Ohio, a profoundly heavy four-piece metal ensemble known as 'Deceiving the Spectre' emerges, and I had the privilege of conducting an interview with them.

Can you tell us about the origins of your band and how you all came together?

Old tryouts, shows and facebook ads.

What's the story behind your band's name?

This band is for the people who struggle on the regular. “The Spectre” is like the embodiment of whatever demons are torturing us, saying we can’t keep going. The very act of pushing through and fighting for your life is Deceiving The Spectre.

I like that a lot actually, so how would you describe your music and style in a few words?

It’s hard for even us to pin down our exact sound. Definitely some kind of adjacent Deathcore but a very unique and personal vibe. Just organic heavy shit.

What are some of your musical influences and inspirations?

The Acacia Strain, Suicide Silence, Lamb of God, Deftones, and anything with rotten ass breakdowns.

Can you share some memorable moments or stories from your journey as a band?

Ask us about our trip to Louisville. I'm assuming you are talking about the show at Habana Blues with Total Loss , Volcandra and Vorath which I'm bummed I didn't get to attend but let me ask What's your songwriting process like?

Corey writes a song on guitar, sends it out to everyone and we hash it out in the space until we all like it.

Do you collaborate on lyrics and music, or does one member take the lead?

It’s like a collective free for all. We all bring our own unique taste to the mix and it just works.

Tell us about your latest album or project. What can listeners expect from it?

For the first time announced, we are working on our second full album “Psalms of Disgust”. This will be our most authentic and raw work thus far. It’s gonna be heavy heavy.

Are there any specific themes or messages you aim to convey through your music?

Whatever you are going through you are absolutely not alone. Do whatever it takes to keep going because it will get better. We all have a personal knowledge of how depression and other struggles feel. It gets better people.

How do you approach live performances and engaging with your audience?

We just try our best to bring intensity and authenticity.

Any upcoming tours or gigs fans should look out for?

Right now we're just working on recording.

What do you hope people take away from your music?

A release from whatever is haunting them at the time. Motivation to want to see at least one more day through.

Are there any artists or bands you'd love to collaborate with in the future?

So many sick bands out it’s endless.

Can you share your thoughts on the current state of the music industry and any challenges you've faced as a band?

metal is for sure bigger than its ever been and it’s badass. Biggest struggle we’ve had is finding where exactly we fit in. We have a very unique sound and we’ve definitely had plenty of instances where straight up Deathcore bands wanted nothing to do with us as well as death metal which is booming in Ohio. Over time we’ve found a great group of people we vibe with. Shoutout: Immortal Ruin, Our Misery’s End, Vile Sanctum and Plagues of Sorrow.

What's the most important piece of advice you'd give to aspiring musicians or bands?

Be unapologetically you and don’t give up. Rough patches will happen and continue to happen.

Share a fun fact or an interesting tidbit about each band member.

Corey (Guitar) -My eyes are artificial and they work.

Justin (Bass) - I have three songs in rotation on Teen Mom.

Keith (Vocals)- I feel like I can out smoke Willie Nelson. Catch me ousside

Matt (Drums)- I'm as bland as a save a lot chicken nugget I want to thank these guys for the interview and if you'd like to keep up to date with their new releases or shows check out their LINKTREE!

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