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Spacecorpse: Psychesynthesis Review

Deep within the sonic landscape of the Spacecorpse repetoir resides a track that epitomizes the fusion of black metal's grim essence with the unyielding force of deathcore. "Psychesynthesis" emerges as a visceral and unapologetically intense composition that seizes listeners from its opening bars.

Launching into a tumultuous onslaught, the song asserts itself with the ferocity of black metal, conjuring the genre's chilling atmospherics before seamlessly morphing into the bone-crushing weight of deathcore. Its inception is a sonic tempest—a cacophony of blistering guitar riffs and thunderous percussion that demands immediate attention.

What sets "Psychesynthesis" apart is its spine-tingling vocal delivery. The vocals, akin to the deepest abyss, traverse from guttural growls to piercing shrieks, crafting a haunting soundscape that mirrors the darkest recesses of the human psyche. They evoke a sense of disquiet, yet allure the listener deeper into the gripping narrative.

(Spacecorpse: Reece. Ricky. Andrew. Vinnie. from Denver CO - Photo: Sinister Star )

Amidst the chaos, the guitar work takes the forefront. Oscillating between the frenzy of black metal's tremolo-picked intricacies and deathcore's crushing heaviness, the riffs generate a whirlwind of sonic intensity along with the drumwork and bass lines driving the track forward. Each note feels deliberate, propelling the song with an unwavering momentum.

Yet, "Psychesynthesis" is not solely an exhibition of brute force. It bears an underlying depth, interweaving themes of existentialism and introspection. The lyrics delve into the enigmatic realms of the mind, exploring the internal conflict between light and darkness, vividly painting the intricate portrait of the human experience.

Take a listen below, you won't regret it. Then go follow this band HERE

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