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Lyrikal Master: An Underground Journey Through Rap and Reggae

Introducing Lyrikal Master, a dynamic figure in the music industry, stemming from the renowned rap group, Atomical Creation. With a career marked by notable achievements and collaborations, Lyrikal Master is a name synonymous with the rap and reggae music genres.

Lyrikal Master and Atomical Creation clinched back-to-back victories at Sheffield's Young Finest Talent awards, a testament to their undeniable talent. Their captivating performances have graced numerous music festivals, sharing stages with the likes of RDB, Mark B & Blade.

Lyrikal Master's music transcends boundaries. His electrifying performances made waves on Sheffield Live FM, and his talents received international recognition when he inked a deal with Cumbersome Records in Australia, resulting in unforgettable shows in Melbourne.

Lyrikal Master's journey is marked by remarkable partnerships with industry heavyweights, including D.M.C (from Run D.M.C), Killarmy, Planet Asia, Kurupt, Killah Priest, Xzibit, and many more. His extensive discography showcases the depth and diversity of his musical collaborations.

Lyrikal Master's music has resonated in multiple countries across three continents. As the owner of Lyrikal Master Muzik in the UK, he continues to nurture emerging talent, collaborating with artists like Kecclez, David Cheetz, Tekoa Lion, D.O.A, M.O.G, Hot Vybes, D-Vidd, and others.

Lyrikal Master draws inspiration from a diverse range of artists, including Macka B, Phi Life Cypher, Nas, and Protoje. His eclectic taste contributes to the unique blend of his own music.

With millions of worldwide streams and a collection of compelling music videos, Lyrikal Master's work continues to resonate with a global audience. Recent collaborations with D-Vidd and AJC exemplify his unwavering commitment to pushing musical boundaries. If you're seeking a musical journey that breaks through genres and geographical boundaries, Lyrikal Master is your guide.

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