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Into the snake pit: An interview with Reticulatus

Striking out of the heart of Ohio is a beast with four fangs and a hell of a lot of venom. I'd like to introduce Reticulatus.

Tell us about the origin of your band and how you all came together.


  The origin of our band came from former members of Dethrone the King of Akron OH and former members of Kuhmora of Akron OH. we all came together through mutual friendships all of us looking to approach a more hardcore influenced sound.

What is the story behind your bands name?


(RET-TIC-U-LATUS) which is latin for reticulated python.

   Our name came from one of our Members Chase for his love of snakes as well as snake handling.

How would you describe your music and style in a few words?


Hardcore influenced beat down with a melodic flare.

What are some of your musical influences and inspirations?

Bands like Hatebreed, Kublai Khan, Chelsea Grin, Paleface SWISS, Varials, SPITE.

Memorable moments or stories from your journey as a band.

  How quickly our band came to be we got together formed the decision picked an name and within 48 hours were having our first rehearsal.

Whats your song writing process like?

  Usually we discuss as a band what theme we’re going for or style. Chase (guitar) soaks in that info writes up a demo and we as a band decide if we’d like to move forward or tweak it, Collin (Vocalist) writes up the lyrics but all of us have creative input during the entire process.

Tell us about your latest project. What can listeners expect from it?


  Reticulatus EP dropped Dec. 1st with lots of breakdowns two-steps and slams and fight riffs.

What specific themes or messages do you aim to convey through your music?

  Depression, anxiety, mental health awareness, and knowing what its like to be betrayed.

How do you approach live performances and engaging with your audience?


For live shows we try to give the most energetic one on one experience that we can. We encourage fans if they know the lyrics to get on stage and grab a mic. We also use projectors and monitors and do our own stage show using art and effects. We also engage with our audience via facebook, tik tok, and instagram by posting content music clips etc.

Any upcoming tours or gigs fans should be looking out for.

  Reticulatus Headlines the VORTEX Akron, OH with direct support from 6DEEP. JAN 6th 2024.

             -MARCH 9th 2024 we head to TOLEDO, OH to Prime Night Life to support Cerebral Cortex.

             -Reticulatus headlines the Foundry in Lakewood, OH with support from UNVOW and Kingz and Thievez.

What do you hope people take away from your music?


  Positivity in the form of ass beating fight riffs and heavy breakdowns. We talk about real topics and we hope to make real connections with our fans through our music.

Are there any artists or bands you would love to collaborate with in the future?

   -Tom Barber of Chelsea Grin


              Just to name a couple but i could go on all day about artists or bands we’d love to work with. We love to meet new people and network all the time.

Thoughts on the current state of the music industry and any challenges you’ve faced as a band?

  I think the current state of the music industry is going in a good direction. I think that everyone being locked up from covid and having plenty of time to write and create had its benefits because within the last year a lot of intense and amazing music has dropped and continues to do so. As for challenges we’ve faced as a band we have only been together 8 months and so far things are going very well. All we could ask for is more fans and opportunities along the way.


What is the most important piece of advice you’d give to an aspiring musician?

    My best advice is dedication, to network like crazy, support the local scenes, and follow your dreams.

Share a fun fact about each band member.


      Collin(vocalist)- got punched in the face by a girl in a bodysnatcher pit. And is learning how to weld

               Chase(guitarist)-is really into painting and artwork and snake handling.

               Brandon(drummer)- Worlds biggest Creed fan. Top 0.1 percent of all listeners.

               David(bassist)- is a tattoo artist in his spare time and a really rad DJ.

To keep up with Reticulatus you can follow them HERE and on all streaming platforms.

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