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Biting into Brutality: An In-Depth Conversation with 'Habits Have Teeth'

In this exclusive interview, we sink our teeth into the relentless passion and raw energy that fuels the distinctive sound of Habits Have Teeth.

Can you tell us about the origins of your band and how you all came together?

Zach's Dad is the drummer. So he grew up with music all around. When he eventually started playing guitar, the two would jam their favorite songs and eventually; start writing their own. That eventually transformed into Habits Have Teeth. The band has gone through a couple member changes over the years. Most notably, Zach taking on the role of singer/front-man as well as adding Evan Sheffer on guitar. Then later bringing on Cory Brugger from An Easy Death on bass. This current lineup has brought the band to new heights that we are very proud of.

What's the story behind your band's name?

We all have ways that we try to deal with the things going on inside of us. More often than not, our coping mechanisms have a way of hurting us and the ones we love. In other words, our habits often have teeth. Hence our name, Habits Have Teeth. It's a way to instantly pull people in, because the name is very thought provoking. You instantly relate to it and you haven't even heard a single note.

How would you describe your music and style in a few words?

We try to not contain ourselves in a specific sub-genre. We are metal at the core, with rock elements mixed in; coming together with melodic riffs and aggressive vocals to match.

What are some of your musical influences and inspirations?

All four of us vary in our influences. Zach grew up listening to a ton of grunge and hard-rock. Later getting into Metalcore. Evan is a metalhead at heart, with a fair bit of pop-punk influence. Kevin will listen to anything with a good groove and emotion.

Can you share some memorable moments or stories from your journey as a band?

Putting out the music video for "The Butcher" was a huge moment for us. It started a new era of the band and pushed us into the direction we are headed. Our endorsement with Black Harbor was another big moment. They are super cool dudes and we love working with them. We are also very proud of our collaboration with DXRK ARTS clothing with our "The Butcher" t-shirt.

What's your songwriting process like? Do you collaborate on lyrics and music, or does one member take the lead?

Zach is the primary songwriter in the band. He generally brings complete songs to the band with music and lyrics. Then the songs go to Kevin to write drums and be refined. Once they're happy, the songs go to the rest of the band, a few more refinementsare made, and then they get the certified banger seal of approval!

Tell us about your latest album or project. What can listeners expect from it?

We most recently dropped two singles under the title "DOOMSAYER". The two songs, Doomsayer and The Butcher are very dark, riff-heavy songs. As much of our music is. Our goal with those two songs was to simply kick people's teeth in. To bring on this new era of the band we wanted to release straight-up metal. Which we think we acomplished with "DOOMSAYER". We are currently working on our full-length album that will be releasing early 2024.

Are there any specific themes or messages you aim to convey through your music?

We simply want to write music that listeners can relate to. So we write about real topics like mental-health, struggles in our lives, issues in the world around us, etc. Sometimes our lyrics can be uncomfortable because they're real and they're raw. At the end of the day, our music is for us. It's our therapy. A way of getting the things going on inside of us out in a healthy medium.

How do you approach live performances and engaging with your audience?

Our live show is a big push for us as a band this year. Which bringing on Cory has been a gamechanger. We want to bring pure energy to our shows and have people leave remebering that experience.

Any upcoming tours or gigs fans should look out for?

This month on the 27th, we will be playing with Poison The Prophet, Divine Fallacy, Savage Henry, and Dead Laughter at the Montage Music Hall. Presale ticket are $10 each. This show is gonna be a great time! We will be booking much more this year. So follow our socials and be on the lookout for more show announcements!

What do you hope people take away from your music?

Music is our therapy. Everyone has things that eat away at them and build up to the point of feeling like they're about to burst. Habits Have Teeth is how we cope, vent, heal, and move on. We truly hope our music does the same for our listeners.

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